Who We Are

Magnificently clogged social life, astonishingly incalculable bureaucracy, stone-age digital boom-town – that is our fascinating Istanbul – a melting-pot of opposites. This is where we live and work. 

Our ambition is to accommodate your needs. We are fast, flexible and adaptable due to our two decades of broadcast experience. No matter what problems you encounter, only the result counts.

Xoom Media Ltd. is the direct follow-up company of the well known "Feiland Media". "Feiland Media" produces for TV Channels for over a decade in Turkey. This and our more than 130 years of family history on the Bosphorus (Please, check Gallery/Videos) is a great basis to prove that we are well-acquainted with the country.

Our Xoom Media office is located in the heart of Istanbul. Here we have all things necessary for all kinds of productions and the crew too.